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Primary Bedroom Makeover

Updated: Apr 5

Surprises are the best aren’t they? This project included a surprise primary bedroom makeover. While this sounds so exciting and a designer’s dream – this was also a little nerve wracking. What if it is too feminine? What if it is too masculine? What if the color is not right? Too much time could be spent on the ‘what-ifs’. So just go for it! The color on the walls and bedding are neutral and and give off a sense of calm. The idea was to give this couple a sense of walking into a spa. The carpet was removed and hardwood floors were added and stained to match rest of home. The window treatments are simple and neutral as not to take away from natural light. Some candles on timers set the mood at the end of a hectic day. Very easy to bring in pops of color on the slipper chairs or on the bed. The one element that HAD to be in the room was art work from their gorgeous destination wedding. Those pieces we took and had frames put on and then hung them strategically around their room. This serves as a gentle reminder that this their space and time for romance. As for the reveal – they were both loved it and are in awe.

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